Nourishing Foundations Coconut Chicken Curry Freezer Meal

Coconut Chicken Curry.png

Ya’ll, this is one of my family’s favorite recipes right here. I consistently get compliments from family and friends alike on this one! You can make it as a freezer meal, or skip the freezing part and make it as a regular meal to be served at the time you put it together. Either way, it tastes great!

As per usual, I’m all about designing meals that are quick, easy and use wholesome ingredients. Personally, I like to use Butcher Box chicken (thighs, breasts, or tenders) for this dish as I know that the meat has been raised on family farms committed to sustainable and humane practices. Also, I rest easy knowing that the chickens are fed a diet that is organic and vegetarian, and produced from feed that is pesticide and chemical-free with no added hormones or antibiotics. When I have to purchase chicken from the grocery store, I try to find a brand that is organic and pastured to ensure the highest quality.


Use this Coconut Chicken Vegetable Curry.png

This can be made as a freezer meal or a regular meal. Following are instructions for thawing and cooking the freezer meal. If making it this all at once, simply ignore the bagging/freezing/thawing instructions.
Chicken Vegetable Curry day of instructions.png


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