3 Easy-to-Implement Ways for Mamas to Simplify

3 ways for mamas to simplify.png

I might be a little neurotic.
Or maybe the “nesting hormones” have kicked in full swing while I await the birth of my baby girl.
Add to that the fact that my back has been aching and I’m tired of doing load after load of laundry.
And then there’s the feeling that the dishes will never end…
Whatever the reason, I decided it was time to kick things up a notch in our home and help my dear husband (who is AMAZING, but was a bachelor for 36 years) and son to prepare for our new addition as well. The fact is, this mama is not going to be as available to keep the house together and things running somewhat smoothly once our little girl arrives and I needed a plan. So, here’s what I’ve started implementing in our home:

1. Weekly towels, assigned by color​

No more of this use-a-towel-once-and-toss-it-in-the-laundry crap! Everyone has 2 towels that are the same color. You use your towel for a week, then toss it in the laundry. I got a pretty good deal at Bed, Bath and Beyond using my 20% off coupons on towels that were on sale, but prior to finding that bargain, was considering purchasing these towel sets from Amazon. I hid all of the other towels that we were previously blowing through. These will be for guests. So if you come to our house to stay and get a brown towel set, consider yourself lucky. 😉

2. Dishes (each person responsible for his/her own), assigned by color

Towel colors match dish colors. I “invested” (my husband hates it when I use that word so casually, but I think it’s totally applicable here) in dishwasher safe melamine mugs and this melamine dinner set. My ultimate goal is that each person in our family will clear his/her own dish(es) after each meal and either wash them or load them into the dishwasher. We’re not quite there yet. Right now I’m settling for each person clearing his/her own dish. Baby steps. I put all of our former glasses/mugs/dishes/bowls etc. in our built in hutch. We have them for emergencies and guests, but that’s it.

3. Capsule wardrobes for each season 

My inspiration came from this article by Simple Families on creating a kids’ capsule wardrobe. Any bottoms will match any top, thereby taking me out of the equation. ​Yay. It works for my (formerly) bachelorific husband, too!

How do you simplify?

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