A Well-Nourished Life from the Perspective of a Reading Teacher

What does a well-nourished life look like for you as a wife, mom, grandma and reading teacher?

I love to teach – and I love to teach children how to read. But leading a well-nourished life required more balance than running a classroom full-time allowed me. So teaching reading through Word Bird Reading was a major step in that direction.

From your perspective, what is one thing busy moms can do to increase a sense of health and happiness?

Maximize positive interactions with your child(ren) and minimize the stressful, crazy-making interactions. I found that reading books that both my baby/toddler/preschooler and I enjoyed was a very enjoyable, relaxing experience. The key, though, was finding material that we both enjoyed. (So I eventually stopped reading certain books – Bernstein Bears or Little House on the Prairie books, for example – which for whatever reason I didn’t particularly care for.)

I also found a weekly story time at a local library which I enjoyed, along with my child. Every children’s librarian is different; I recommend finding one whose story time routine you enjoy too!

Do you have a favorite recipe you would be willing to share?

Tofu Cutlets

Press tofu, slice in 1/2″ slices, bread, and fry in sesame oil.

Serve with sweet chili sauce.

Breading: 5 T sesame seeds 4 T cornstarch 4 T flour 1/2 t. salt 1/2 t. sugar

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