A Well-Nourished Life From the Perspective of a Wife, Mom, Yoga Teacher and Lover-of-Movement

What does a well-nourished life look like for you as a wife, mom, yoga teacher and lover-of-movement?

A well-nourished life for me, as a mostly-SAHM and yoga teacher, changes each week as the needs and realities of my family change. One thing that mostly remains, however, is my morning ritual. Upon waking, I do (most of) the following: drink a pint of my fave tonic (ACV, magnesium powder, & homemade tincture [Echinacea, licorice, marshmallow & chamomile]), use the netti pot, meditate, yoga & pray or read my Bible.

I also prioritize meditation, as well as movement, during the day. As soon as I have 10-15 minutes alone, before diving in to my tasks for the day, I give my body and mind the gift of stillness & quiet. When I am working for long stretches, I set my timer for ~40 minutes. When the chimes sound, I force myself to stop what I’m doing and MOVE! Maybe I do a sun salutation, or perhaps I walk down the stairs to grab laundry and practice squatting as I hand the clothes on the drying rack. When the weather permits, I work outside. Fresh air is SO good for us and it’s easy to get trapped inside. I also try to ensure my children get time outside every day, even in the winter months.

I am equally passionate about how we move our bodies (or lack of) and what we put inside of our bodies. My journey has led me to experiment with many different styles of eating, in search of the “most healthy” option out there. Where I have landed – “health” looks different for different people at different stages of life. That being said, minimizing processed foods & sugars is never a bad thing. I find myself feeling most nourished right now by high fat, low carb foods, focusing on lots of healthy veggies and high quality meats. I try to honor my body by feeding it what it wants when I’m hungry and NOT feeding it when I am not hungry (afternoon chocolate cravings are a work in progress!!).

Lastly, I try to extend a big dose of GRACE & TRUTH to keep me nourished. The TRUTH is that I am doing the best I can do and that I love my children and family more than words can describe. GRACE allows me to keep moving and trying my best rather than getting stuck in the “ugly mama moments” that inevitably show up daily.

From your perspective, what is one thing busy moms can do to increase a sense of health and happiness?

As a one who loves movement (in all forms of the word!), one thing busy moms can do to increase a sense of health and happiness is to find a few moments of stillness. Pause, breathe, and connect to the fire that is burning inside of you, however small it may be… then ask yourself, “how can I flame that inner fire?” Take a step toward making it happen. Perhaps the step is simply allowing yourself time to imagine – see in your mind – YOU doing that thing that gives you such life. And, dare I say, find a way to move toward your passion – find a sitter, set aside 10 minutes of nap time, wake up early – and feed your soul by honoring what burns inside of you. YOU have a purpose, desires unique to you; entrusted to the unique you, both for you and for others. I believe we owe it to ourselves and to our children to make time for fanning the flames within us. And if all of this sounds way to ambitious right now, simply PAUSE your body and mind. Notice your BREATH. And give yourself the gift of simply BEING for a few minutes.

Do you have a favorite recipe you would be willing to share?

Ummmm yeah!! I LOVE finding new yummy & healthy recipes! My latest love is Keto Grain-free Hemp Heart Porridge.. My kids AND hubby LOVE this – and that says a LOT!

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