Join the Spring Soup & Salad Challenge!

Spring Soup and Salad Challege (2).png

What better way to make it through the Spring rains than with a hearty bowl of soup?  And when lettuce and vegetables are in season, there’s nothing more satisfying than a fresh plate of salad. I’ll be trying some delicious new recipes along with friends and family participating in my 10-week “Jen’s Test Kitchen” offering. We’ll focus the first  5 weeks on nutritious & delicious soups and weeks 6-10 we’ll turn our attention to fresh, meal-size salads.

You should join us! I’ll be featuring simple, delicious & nutritious recipes from some experienced cooks as well as tried and true recipes that have made my list of favorites. You can follow the Vegetarian track, the Meat Lovers track, or mix and match recipes as desired. A complete list of schedule meals can be found here. 

You don’t have to officially sign up to participate in this challenge, however all those who participate in any capacity over the course of the next ten weeks (trying one recipe or all of the recipes) will be entered into a drawing to win Esther’s Seasonings Variety Pack.

Your participation will be tracked by comments on blog posts. For every comment, your name will be entered into the “hat” (more comments = more chances to win)! I hope you’ll join the Nourishing Foundations community in this endeavor. Happy Spring!

P.S. This is not a belated April Fool’s joke; this was my car window this morning:

Nevertheless, I am determined to hold onto the hope of Spring! Sorry, Winter, you’re fighting a losing battle. Spring will come again!

12 thoughts on “Join the Spring Soup & Salad Challenge!

  1. Kristin Sullivan says:

    Yummy Soups & Salads! I’m thrilled that finally both my girls are happy eating pretty much any soup. Maybe through this challenge I can also diversify their salad consumption!


  2. Floby Villaralvo says:

    Spring is here! I will try this one very soon! Made me curious what will be the reaction of my daughter with it.


  3. Sarah says:

    I definitely am feeling the winter blues right now. We’re closing in on mid-April and keep getting snow! Soup and salad is a great idea to whisk the winter blues aside.


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