Spring Soup & Salad Challenge: Week 3

I’m a little jealous of my friends who got to spend the week in FL. I’ll let you in on a text exchange today:

Yep, you read that correctly: we had snow this week. Actual flakes coming down AS I WAS DELIVERING SOUP to friends. And while I am more than ready for Spring-like weather, I must admit, Thursday was actually the perfect day for soup. It was cold, raw, rainy/snowy mix… a lovely day to curl up with a warm bowl of some hearty, filling, deliciousness.

Here’s what we tried this week: Dara over at Cookin’ Canuck has a delicious recipe for Hearty Chicken Stew. I am a horrible Italian and for some reason, I don’t care for olives, so I left them out. Other than that, I LOVE this recipe. It’s the kind of soup I can feed my husband and know that he won’t be complaining in an hour that he’s hungry again…

In case you were wondering, this shot was taken on Wednesday (my cooking day) when it actually kind of felt like Spring, so my favorite “Taste Testers” ate outside. My hubs had been on the Carnivore Diet (more on that in a future post), which basically entails eating only meat and animal products. It’s kind of radical and he could only take it for about a week before we decided he needed to include some low carb veggies. All this to say, he was RAVING about this soup. It could have been due to deprivation, but I think it might be just that good.

And then there’s the Vegan Broccoli Cheese Soup from Bites of Wellness. If it wasn’t obvious from the previous paragraph, we’re NOT Vegan and yet, this is one of my favorite healthy soup recipes — especially if you are going dairy free. I don’t think I have ever come across a recipe that does such a great job of creating that creamy, cheesy flavor without actually adding cheese or some over-processed substitute. Seriously good stuff here.

Both of these recipes have become regular favorites in my repertoire. They’re easy to put together, filled with nutrition from the whole food ingredients, and taste great. Give them a try and let me know what you think!

Also, don’t forget: you can enter to win Esther’s Seasonings Variety Pack by participating in the Spring Soup & Salad Challenge in any capacity over the course of the remaining 6 weeks. (Yep – that includes taste testing!) Your participation will be tracked by comments on blog posts. For every comment, your name will be entered into the “hat” (more comments = more chances to win)! Hope to hear from you!



5 thoughts on “Spring Soup & Salad Challenge: Week 3

  1. Kristin says:

    Two questions: 1. Do you think I cansubstitute sweet potato for the butternut squash? Or will that change the taste a lot?
    2. Jake really doesn’t like nutritional yeast—in general I half the amount in a recipe… do you think the nutritional yeast flavor was strong or really unnoticeable in the soup?


    • Jen says:

      I think you can absolutely use Butternut squash or sweet potato as a replacement. Yum! Re: Nutritional Yeast, yeah – just half it and add more as you see fit. I just eyeballed it as I was making huge pot of the soup and it did NOT have a heavy Nutritional Yeast taste….


      • Kristin says:

        So I made the butternut soup—I decided I’d rather go with the original recipe. 🙂 I totally put too much squash in and it was very thick. I think when I reheat it I’ll have to add at least 2 cups of liquid! But hubby & I liked it. The kids were complaining it was too thick, but no negative comments on taste!


  2. Whitney Otto says:

    My son was sick the other day so a lunch meeting was moved from a restaurant to my house at the last minute. I pulled your hearty chicken stew out of the freezer, added some cheese,
    and we had a delicious meal. Thanks!


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