Seasons and Seasonings

It’s so interesting to me to think about the different seasons we go through in life. In March of this year, I was preparing to go teach a Kids Test Kitchen class and full steam ahead with food photography gigs, when everything suddenly came to a screeching halt. Thank you, Covid-19! And now, while I have not completely closed the door on my original vision for Nourishing Foundations, I find myself in a different season. Some of the food related stuff in my life has stayed consistent (like volunteering with Farmer Dave’s amazing CSA and enjoying the fruit of his labor!)

However, currently I am “nourishing foundations” in a way I never anticipated: homeschooling my two kids.

And while there is some overlap between food and homeschool (Home Economics is a VERY important part of our curriculum!), much of my attention is now focused on my kids’ education. So, I started another blog as a way of chronicling our homeschool journey, collaborating with others who find themselves in a similar boat, and providing content. I share this with you, my Nourishing Foundations audience, as a way of holding space for what was and welcoming what will be.

May you embrace the season you are in, friends, and be sure to enjoy some good, well-seasoned food in the midst of it!


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