Esther Splaine, Esther’s Seasonings 

Esther Splaine is a mother of five (now grown) children. She started her kitchen-based business, Esther’s Seasonings, over twenty years ago after friends and family responded to her gifts of Gourmet Salt and an Herb Blend with a resounding “yes!” and desire for more. Over the years, Esther’s Seasonings has grown and now includes several signature spice blends, spiced oils, honey from bees she keeps in her yard and salves. As a nurse and talented cook with roots in Barbados, Esther provides a wealth of knowledge and insight on cooking nutritious food for a large family on tight budget. If you catch her reminiscing about her early years as a young mom, you might hear her refer to the “gift” God gave her in one of her kids who was a “picky eater”, causing her to develop all kinds of work arounds and techniques to make nutritious food palatable and enjoyable for her family.


Whitney PostLife Alive Coaching

For 17 years I have helped resource individuals and team cultures in order to increase health and performance.  I have worked with universities, nonprofit organizations and Fortune 500 corporations; brought skills and insight to developing leaders through trainings, workshops and programs for healing in the mental health field, and created trainings for high performance athletics. My approach is informed by my training and experience as Masters psychologist, my training and experience as a professional coach, and  my experiences as a World Champion athlete.
In addition to coaching, I serve on leadership development teams working in a variety of functions that include facilitation, training, group coaching, content development and instructional design.  I am able to shape the big picture as well as the vital details that go into any project.  I enjoy working within small leadership and organizational development teams that view leadership as a commitment to excellence and growth.  I hold a BA from Brown University and a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Lesley University and pending certification as a professional Co-active Coach from the Coaches Training Institute.  As a clinician, I implemented eating disorder treatment programs within Boston area clinics. I was the founder of Teaming with Power Consulting, which provided trainings and individual coaching on the topic of wellness and high performance to National team athletes, and area collegiate teams.  I also served for four years as the Director of the Women’s Sports Foundation’s GoGirlGo! Boston, an organization focused on improving the physical and emotional health of girls through physical activity and sports. ​

Mary Reynolds, Injoy Yoga

I began practicing yoga over 15 years ago. I was attracted to the novel way of stretching, something I never really enjoyed doing. I was an avid runner, and yoga supplemented my running nicely. As my practice and knowledge of yoga deepened, I realized it was much more than simply stretching my muscles and increasing flexibility.  I decided I wanted to share this newfound love with others. I began teaching leading adolescent girls in yoga 3 to 5 days a week.  I lead them through a variety of forms – Hatha, Vinyasa, and Kripalu.
In 2006, I began leading teachers through yoga sessions on a monthly basis. These classes took place in the school where they taught, in order to find peace and balance in the environment that is sometimes quite stressful and frustrating. In 2008, I began working with a group of women once per month at a local church.
While leading others through yoga, I have continued a practice on my own. For me, yoga is a time to not only slow down and center myself amidst a busy life, but also, and arguably even more importantly, it is a time for me to connect inward and upward.
When I am regularly practicing yoga and breathing, my life is more balanced – I feel more healthy, energetic and alive. I also derive immense pleasure from taking others through yoga sessions. There is no better feeling than to see the peace, confidence and joy in a person who has just finished a yoga session.


Karlene Salguero, Women’s Journey Physical Therapy

Karlene is a Physical Therapist with a passion for treating women. She is a Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Women’s Health (WCS) and has extensive experience at treating women of every age and stage. Her philosophy and mission is to empower women to be educated and in control of their bodies. She has finally followed her bliss and taken the leap to start Women’s Journey. Come join her and start your journey towards optimal health!
A resident of Cambridge, Karlene finds joy in spending time with her 3 young daughters & husband, creating super nutritious meals, practicing yoga and playing outdoors.

Holly Hutch

Holly Hutchenson, Open Door Organizing

Holly Hutchenson is the founder of Open Door Organizing, a professional organizing service aimed at helping busy folks living in small spaces. After working in event planning and non-profit fundraising for ten years, Holly transitioned to being a stay-at-home mom in 2013. It was during her time at home that she began to evaluate and tackle the spatial challenges of a growing family in a small condo. She started helping friends and neighbors with similar problems and her passion for helping others motivated her to start her business. Holly knows that life and family and city living can be chaotic and she fully believes that home should be a place of comfort and reprieve. Her goal is to help people turn their cluttered areas into functioning, peaceful spaces. She lives in Somerville with her husband and two small children.